Fur Storage, Conditioning, and Cleaning Services

Dino Furs offers complete service for all of your fur storage repair and conditioning needs. We offer expert shearing and leather services to ensure that you have years of beautiful and trouble-free wear.

Fur Cold Storage

Our climate and humidity controlled vault shields your fur from damage from mildew, mold, moths and rodents during the summer months.

Fur Conditioning

Dino’s signature conditioning treatment helps to keep the leather underside of your garment soft and supple to prevent tears and expensive repairs. Conditioning on a regular basis is especially important as your garment ages.


Do you have an old or outdated fur or are just plain bored with your current garment? Why not trade it in and purchase a beautiful new jacket or coat?

Visit one of our three locations and our furriers can assess the condition and value of your garment towards the purchase of a new jacket or coat. The trade in value of your garment is dependent on its age and condition.

(Note – Although we will do trade ins towards the purchase of a new garment from Dino’s, we do not do consignment or purchase old fur garments.)

Fur Cleaning and Glazing:

These processes keep the visible outside of your garment looking beautiful. The products we used are superior and the best the industry offers.


Do you love fur but think you can’t afford one? Have you considered a pre-owned fur?

Many of our customers “trade up” and purchase new furs so we regularly acquire a varied selection of pre-owned furs. If the garment is in excellent condition, we will make it available on our pre-owned rack.

Of course, we first clean and condition it to prepare it for resale.

Where to Buy
Pre-owned furs are usually available for sale at our outlet store in New Hampshire on Route 1.

We also ship a selection of these pre-owned furs for special events at our other stores. They are available for the sidewalk sales in Andover in the spring and fall. Many pre-owned furs can also be found in our South Portland store during the summer months.

Check Regularly
Our selection sizes, styles and types of pre-owned furs constantly changes. We recommend checking on a regular basis until you find the fur you desire.