Dino International specializes in all types of fur and shearling repair.

We can do everything from replacing a missing button to repairing a large tear in your fur.

Never attempt to repair or sew fur on your own – this can cause even more damage to your garment.

A Brief Listing of Our Services

  • Is your current lining ripped or are you just tired of it? At Dino’s, we can reline your garment to give it an entirely new look. You can choose from a large selection of fabrics and colors for your new lining. A new monogram is also included with the relining.
  • Do your current hooks and eyes keep opening? Why not have them replaced with securely closing “Euro” hooks.
  • Does your fur look worn at the pockets, cuffs or hem? We can trim out the fur to eliminate the balding area.
  • Do you keep losing items from your pockets? We can replace your worn pockets with newly lined pockets.
  • Has the color or your leather or shearling jacket faded? We can recolor it for you.
  • Is the zipper on your fur or leather jacket broken? Zipper replacement is just one of the many other repairs that we can do.

Prompt & Timely

Prior to beginning any work, we will assess the work and provide you with an estimate of the charges. Once you decide to move ahead with your repair, all repairs and alterations are done promptly.

Call for information about our repair services or just stop by with your garment.