• Are you tired of the styling of your fur?
  • Are the padded shoulders too big?
  • Is your coat too long?
  • Does it still fit properly?
  • Would you wear it more if it was a vest?
  • Do you wish it could be reversible?

Why not consider having it remodeled by Dino’s

Multiple Options

We can offer you a variety of remodeling and restyling options.

Popular options include  shortening your coat or downsizing the shoulders to a more contemporary look.

A Totally New Look

Many customers are choosing to totally remodel their garments.  Following are just a few samples of the many options that are available to you.

Your current coat may look like this:


But after our remodel process, it can be sheared and even made reversible to look like this:



Here are some additional before and after pictures of a conversion from a pastel mink jacket to a reversible sheared mink vest:


Restyle and Remodel Experts

Our owners Jane and Anne are your fur restyle experts.

Their combined 25 years experience along with continuous work with New York’s top design specialists keeps them aware of the latest trends and looks in fur.

They will work with you to provide you suggestions on how to change and improve the look of your fur.