Fur Garments

If you’re going to the ballet, boardroom, ball game or the grocery store, there is nothing like the beauty and warmth of fur. We carry a complete line of fur coats, jackets and mid length strollers to ensure that you have the right fur for your lifestyle and tastes.

Whether you have never purchased a fur before or you already have several furs in your closet, our expert sales staff will work with you to match your needs with the perfect fur. Our staff has years of retail experience plus an extensive knowledge of fur quality and design.

The New “Looks” of Fur

Fur design techniques have evolved over the last five years. By using processes like shearing and laser cutting, designers have created an entirely new look and feel for mink and beaver.

If you haven’t experienced fur recently, we invite you to into one of our three locations to browse and try on our beautiful furs.

Reversible Garments

One of the latest trends is to use sheared furs in reversible garments. In addition to getting two different looks for the price of one, sheared fur next to your body provides warmth without the bulk.

Our new collection includes an extensive number of reversible garments of all lengths and styles. It is really like buying two garments for the price of one.

For Those “In Between” Seasons

We also have a large selection of lighter weight fur garments that are ideal transitional garments for spring, fall or even warmer winter days.

Many of these lightweight furs are the perfect “take along” for snowbirds.

Fur – Always Fashionable

For the fashion conscious buyer, we carry the latest in fur creations from Jean Crisan and Louis Feraud, and of course, Furs by Dino International.

Buying a fur is a fun process – we give you the opportunity to try on many beautiful garments until you find the one that you know is just right for you.

Fur Garments