Do you love fur but think you can’t afford one? Have you considered a pre-owned fur?

Many of our customers “trade up” and purchase new furs so we regularly acquire a varied selection of pre-owned furs. If the garment is in excellent condition, we will make it available on our pre-owned rack.

Of course, we first clean and condition it to prepare it for resale.

Where to Buy

Pre-owned furs are usually available for sale at our outlet store in New Hampshire on Route 1.

We also ship a selection of these pre-owned furs for special events at our other stores. They are available for the sidewalk sales in Andover in the spring and fall. Many pre-owned furs can also be found in our South Portland store during the summer months.

Check Regularly

Our selection sizes, styles and types of pre-owned furs constantly changes. We recommend checking on a regular basis until you find the fur you desire.